Enhance Your Everyday Look By Wearing Quality Virgin Hair

Step-up hair game by putting on virgin extensions to attain a more elaborate look you have always imagined of. Attachments of those extensions could be through a number of easy methods, too, for example clip-ins, glues, or sewing it to a particular regions of your mind to attain natural-searching, healthier hair.

Ideally, natural extensions tend to be more costly compared to synthetic ones. The connected costs of natural virgin hair extensions match its quality, as these still contain hair cuticle that’s required for getting soft and glossy hair. Although synthetic extensions are less costly, however these don’t blend along with the natural hair and yield different styling preferences.

Since the goal of putting on extensions would be to achieve healthy searching hair, its color, texture, and length are very important. For colored hair, you should select the nearest or even the exact shade of extensions remember to consider the skin tone.

Avoid selecting extensions which are not even close to natural hair’s texture so that it’s excessive shine and therefore are of greater density. Match the extensions towards the natural hair’s density by selecting lighter extensions for natural, thick hair and medium density for coarse strands. The way of attachment ought to be akin to the hair’s strength so that it ought to be put on the most powerful area and never across the hairline or the rear of the neck.

Much like taking care of natural hair, regular washing is required to take proper care of hair extensions. To help keep its strength, and also to avoid premature deterioration, make certain to allow it to dry first before styling. Hold extensions in the roots, too, kids, and begin after that lower towards the ends. Different hair products might be applied too, however using oils around the roots may end up to sliding or elimination of extensions.

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Barbieru Cristina


  1. Foarte interesant dar nu știu dacă as avea curajul sa port asa ceva, parca prefer parul meu asa cum este.. ?

  2. Eu n-aș purta ? … ar fi o schimbare … dar prefer sa fac schimbări pe parul meu natural .

  3. Chiar super interesant cred ca as încerca o așa schimbare cu condiția sa fie pe nunata blond
    Multumim de idei sunt binevenite
    Te pup
    Weekend minunat sa ai❤️???

  4. Super util acest articol. Eu am parul foarte drept si ar fi o super schimbare cu asa model. ?

  5. Eu am fost tentata sa fac comanda pe siteuri le chinezesti dar inca nu stiu cat de recomandate sunt ;daca nu afesteaza radacina parului natural as purta si eu.

  6. am o problema cu parul meu, nu as incerca asa ceva desi ar fi o mareee schimbare,trebuie sa ai putin curaj

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