How to Curl Brazilian Body Wave Hair Without Heat?

Virgin hair bundles usually should be curled but due to all the manufacturing process, curls are lost. In an era of ever-changing hair care tools, a curl without heat becomes an illusion and a difficult thing to do. For many, it is not just an option. Even if they had choices of making the curls, they still prefer the heating system because it is fast and easy to do. With them just thinking is an extension anyway, can easily be replaced and again the heat is faster, easier and super cool. So here is the deal girls, not all super curls come from hot wands. Am going to whisper some real methods you can use to get curls on your virgin Brazilian hair. There are lots of methods which include the straw method, flexi-rod method, olive oil and conditioner method; also the weave method will all get you that curl.

The straw method: – here all you need are straws, rubber bands and water. First cut the virgin Brazilian hair in small thin sections and pick them one at a time and work on them. You can either wet the whole hair before starting or wet as you pick. Now use a straw starting from the middle bend, wrap the hair tightly around it. Bend one end to hold the hair and use a rubber band to pin it down. Then roll it properly to your scalp to make sure it is nice and tight and bend the other end of the straw to pin it down. Do this for all the hair and be careful not to over damp virgin hair bundles thus this will mean longer drying time. Sleep in this over-night and if you are doing it during the day make sure it is properly dried. When it is dried, remove the rubber band, loosen the curl and just carefully pull them out. Then separate them using your fingers to make it fluffy and style however you want. This can also be achieved using flexi rods. The difference is that the straw method gives you smaller curls.


Shampooing method:-here you start with applying a mix of conditioner and olive oil. Leave it on for about five to ten minutes and wash out. You will start to notice the curl. Then you apply a very good deep conditioner, roll hair into one big bulb and put a shower cap on for another ten minutes. Then start applying your styling products. Usually, curl activator and curl moisturizing milk. Robbing and allow drying. And you are ready to rock your full hair virgin Brazilian hair curls.

Weave method: – here you just weave your wet hair and allow the hair to dry. Then loosen the hair and apply all the styling products o choice. Massage in properly and bam, that is it.

You just have to make out the time and be a little bit more. These tips should give you the best curls with your virgin hair bundle.

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