Difference betwen remy hair and virgin human hair

Remy hair and virgin real hair are well-liked by people due to the hair quality of these. Even though the two terms are utilized interchangeably, they’ve different meanings. Ought to be fact, all of our virgin hair are also remy hair. It is also vital that you realize that not every virgin hair are remy hair.Never be confused, permed me will explain the main difference backward and forward.

Virgin real hair is totally untouched which including, never dyed, never colored, never bleached, supplier spermed, in a single word, it never been chemically processed in almost any wit also develops from a single donor, which make sure the texture and tone from it are identical in the root to tip. This kind of hair are usually collected from hair brushes and hair which has fallen on the ground. It’s less expensive due to there suppliers on the market.Nearly all real hair offered today is non-Remy hair. Nadula hair helps to ensure that hair all of the products we offered are virgin Remy real hair.


Next, let’s discuss Remy real hair Remy hairĄŊs all cuticles are intact and running within the same direction. What this means is your hair remains softer and silkier and it is helpful in producing greater-quality wigs, extensions, and hairpieces. When all hair stick to the same direction you may be convinced that you’re obtaining a high-quality bundle of remy hair, can and they’re tangle free. You’re going to get an all natural look since the hair are going the direction it’s supposed to.Finally, remy hair has a tendency to keep going longer since the cuticle continues to be intact, unlike non-remy weaves in which the hair continues to be cut and could be in various directions. Once the hair are away from the right direction, brushing causes more friction and also the hair does not last as lengthy consequently.

Non-remy hair are your hair that collected in the floors of temples and salons then recycled to create a weft. Your hair cuticles are facing different directions, which in turn causes your hair to tangle and matte very easily. This hair are frequently present in beauty supply stores and it is less inclined to be utilized in excess of one install.

Virgin indian hair are unprocessed Remy hair, a condition is recognized as is the greatest and Greatest quality hair available on the market. Virgin Indian Locks are hair that is not chemically touched and it is roots and tips are running within the same direction. This hair are in the originates for example textures and colors. Also it can be dye just like your natural hair, so that you can have some fun coloring it your preferred tone.

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Barbieru Cristina


  1. Chiar azi mi-am comandat un breton fals, sa vedem cum o sa ma inteleg cu el. Am momente cand vreau sa am breton, dar nu am curaj sa-mi tai parul. Daca nu-mi sta bine? :))) mai bine incerc cu par fals si apoi mai vedem daca evoluam la un breton din par natural

  2. imi place mult,culoarea,eu inca nu am par dar sper ca intr-o buna zi sa ma pot vopsi si eu!

  3. Pe mine nu ma pasioneaza extensile, dar e bine totusica s-au inventat si ca reprezinta o alternativa pentru persoanele carora nu le creste parul prea repede sau care isi doresc extreme destul de des.

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